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Daniel Pupek Chief Systems Architect, NexPort Solutions, a Division of Darwin Global

Daniel Pupek, serving as the Chief Systems Architect at NexPort Solutions, brings a unique blend of over twenty years of software engineering expertise and a rich military background, having retired as a Major after 27 years in the US Army. His military experience, characterized by roles in Armored Vehicles and Logistics, both in the United States and in overseas combat deployments, has imbued him with exceptional leadership, strategic planning, and operational management skills.

At NexPort Solutions, Daniel's most notable accomplishment is his role as the primary architect of the NexPort Learning Platform. This innovative platform stands as a testament to his ability to design and implement complex software solutions that are both user-centric and technologically advanced. His work on the NexPort Learning Platform has involved:

Spearheading the architectural design, ensuring the platform is scalable, robust, and intuitive for users.

Integrating cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to enhance learning experiences and operational efficiencies.

Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams to ensure the platform meets educational and business objectives, drawing on his military expertise in teamwork and logistics.

In addition to his pivotal role in developing the NexPort Learning Platform, Daniel oversees all aspects of software system design across various platforms at NexPort Solutions. His military background significantly contributes to his proficiency in managing complex projects, ensuring seamless integration with technology partners, and handling challenging software issues with precision and expertise.

Daniel’s leadership extends beyond technical skills. He is a mentor and inspiration to his team, promoting a culture of innovation, discipline, and excellence - values deeply ingrained in him through his military service. His commitment to engaging with the user community and aligning software development with user needs and business goals reflects the operational excellence and service commitment developed during his tenure in the Army.

Daniel Pupek's combination of military discipline, software engineering expertise, and his significant contributions to the NexPort Learning Platform, demonstrate his invaluable role in driving technological innovation and excellence at NexPort Solutions.

Brette Scott Senior Software Engineer, NexPort Solutions, Darwin Global, LLC
Brette Scott, a distinguished Senior Software Engineer at NexPort Solutions, part of Darwin Global, LLC, boasts an impressive academic background with a Bachelor's in Computer Engineering and a Master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. Starting as an intern prior to graduation, Brette has amassed over a decade of experience at NexPort, evolving into a pivotal figure within the organization.
In the dynamic environment of NexPort Solutions, Brette plays a crucial role as a member of an Agile development team. Her expertise encompasses developing internet and intranet applications, maintaining complex computer databases, and providing vital technical support.
Key Responsibilities and Achievements:
Leading and actively participating in Release and Iteration Planning meetings, collaborating closely with testers, engineers, and users to ensure seamless project execution.
Employing advanced organizational design patterns for robust application logic development.
Pairing with fellow engineers to tackle complex problems and devising innovative solutions.
Championing Test-Driven Development by designing comprehensive Unit Tests, and working alongside Quality Assurance to develop Acceptance Tests.
Playing a significant role in the design and development of Object-Oriented software solutions, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of applications.
Coordinating the construction and maintenance of an internet-based learning management platform, a key component of NexPort's service offering, while planning for its future expansion.
Assisting in establishing and maintaining sophisticated intranets and network infrastructures.
Conducting thorough research on related products, making crucial hardware and software recommendations to drive technological advancement.
Brette's technical acumen extends to developing and deploying web applications using MVC4 and 5 frameworks, alongside Windows client applications. She exhibits a high level of proficiency in object-oriented languages, including C#, C++, VB.Net, VBScript, JavaScript, and Java. Additionally, she is adept in designing and implementing scalable database schemas, optimizing SQL queries, and ensuring database integrity and security.
As a senior engineer, Brette demonstrates exceptional problem-solving skills in database design, internet-based application development, and multimedia-based training delivery. She is also adept in remote administration of MS SQL Server and ensuring data integrity and security. Brette's role involves occasional interactions with customer services representatives, technical support staff, and customers, reflecting her commitment to adopting organizational values and practices.
With a combination of deep technical expertise and a strong foundation in software engineering, Brette Scott is a driving force behind NexPort Solutions' continued success in delivering cutting-edge software solutions.

Thai Nguyen graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He joined NexPort Solutions as a software engineer intern in March 2014.

Thai completed his master's degree in computer science from the University of Oklahoma. He is fluent in Vietnamese and English.

Joseph Stalling joined NexPort Solutions on the last day of January 2022 as a software engineer. His current focus has been assisting in the development of Nexport Studio. Joseph holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University, which he acquired in 2013.

In the fall of 2013, he began work for Digimetrics as a Technical support analyst. Working alongside engineers, Joseph assisted in resolving issues in Digimetrics suite of software products.

In march of 2015, He left Digimetrics to work as a Web Application Developer for Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine. During his time there, he was responsible for the creation, deployment, and maintenance of various web applications utilized by the vet college.

Joseph's interests include spending time with his wife and family, fishing, and practicing martial arts.

​Stephen has been a member of the QA team since March, 2018. Stephen served in the US Army Corp of Engineers as a Combat Engineer, after leaving the military he worked for several years in the private security sector. During this time he developed an interest in computers and started back to school studying Video game design. Stephen has not modified his degree program and is working towards his degree in Computer Science in Website development.

Doug Copley is the Business Development Manager for Nexport Solutions. In this capacity he works closely with the Engineering Department, QA, and Customer Service to help with planning new features for future releases. Previously Doug worked as a Network Administration Specialist and customer support for users within Darwin Global, LLC and its affiliates. Doug has assisted in a number of large projects including helping to move Nexport to the Azure Cloud for better support and availability worldwide. .Doug's background in network installation and management, product management, and development has provided him unique skills and knowledge for this position.

Bryan Loyd has worked in the education sector since 2008 and holds an Associates Degree in Computer Networking Systems and a Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Security, along with a certificate in Full-Stack Web and Mobile Development from NuCamp Coding Bootcamp.

Billy Caldwell Director of Systems Operations, NexPort Solutions
Billy Caldwell, an accomplished Director of Systems Operations at NexPort Solutions, has a rich history with the company, extending over 15 years. Beginning his career as an intern while pursuing a Bachelor's in Instructional Multimedia Design from Cameron University, Billy has ascended through various roles, from Tier 1 Customer Service Support to Network Systems Support, culminating in his current leadership position.
In his role as Director of Systems Operations, Billy is responsible for overseeing the Tier 3 Support and Systems Operations departments. His responsibilities encompass:
Directing daily operations, analyzing workflow, establishing priorities, developing standards, and setting deadlines to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.
Managing Azure and local network resources to align with company goals and minimize downtime, demonstrating his proficiency in cloud infrastructure and network management.
Collaborating with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support teams to resolve customer and partner issues, showcasing his ability to facilitate cross-functional teamwork and problem-solving.
Overseeing the management of email services for all divisions of Darwin Global LLC hosted in Google Workspace, ensuring seamless communication across the organization.
Handling the renewal of domains, SSL certificates, and various software services critical to meeting company objectives.
Conducting regular meetings with NexPort Solutions staff, Tier 1 and Tier 2 support staff, partners, and vendors to share information, resolve problems, and discuss support issues, maintenance, and releases.
Billy plays a pivotal role in supervising the Cyber Security Team. His duties in this capacity include:
Assisting in developing and enforcing best security practices, highlighting his commitment to maintaining robust cybersecurity measures.
Responding to security incidents, demonstrating his hands-on approach and expertise in crisis management.
Participating in the development of organizational goals and objectives, reflecting his strategic vision and leadership skills.
Additionally, Billy manages and participates in on-call rotations and coordinates operational activities with both internal and external stakeholders, underscoring his dedication to operational excellence and stakeholder engagement.
Billy Caldwell's journey from an intern to Director of Systems Operations is a testament to his deep technical expertise, leadership capabilities, and unwavering commitment to driving NexPort Solutions' success in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.