September 3, 2019

Andrews Research & Education Foundation and Smart Horizons Announce the Launch of Andrews Education Online

Andrews Education will feature world experts and leaders in Sports Medicine in a forum to reach wide audiences.

Andrews Research & Education Foundation (AREF), in partnership with Smart Horizons, is proud to announce the launch of Andrews Education. Andrews Education is an online platform which will offer convenient and relevant continuing education for sports medicine practitioners. Home Study, Live Stream, and conference options will provide easy access for busy practitioners.

“Andrews Education will feature world experts and leaders in Sports Medicine in a forum to reach wide audiences,” said Dr. James Andrews. Dr. James Andrews is the founding partner and Medical Director of Andrews Institute and AREF Board President. “This distinguished lecture series will be available via live streaming. It is an educational opportunity that will benefit all of us. We invite you to get online and take advantage of this new educational opportunity.”

At Andrews Education, Home Study courses and Live Stream events offer busy professionals the ability to meet continuing education requirements in a secure learning environment. Conferences that are live streamed will provide medical professionals opportunities to attend engaging and interactive presentations from physicians, researchers, and other allied medical professionals with the highest level of sports medicine education.

“You couldn’t have a better voice in Sports Medicine than Dr. James Andrews, so we are excited to launch Andrews Education online,” said Ashton Hayward, AREF President. “This is going to be a tremendous benefit and add value for individuals that are getting their education online. ”As an athletic trainer, I have always enjoyed educating the athletes while working with them throughout their athletic careers. Now, being able to work closely with world class physicians and practitioners in sports medicine and create a learning environment like Andrews Education is fulfilling a personal educational passion of mine,” said Leandra Price, MS, LAT, ATC, AREF Education Manager. “Andrews Education will allow us to feature up-to-date research and protocols that address sports medicine issues and cutting-edge solutions that impact the future of sports medicine.”

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About Andrews Education & Research Foundation

Under the leadership and reputation of internationally renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, AREF focuses on delivering educational training and information to practitioners and the sports medicine community. AREF focuses on finding evidenced-based solutions that deliver real world results for a diverse population. AREF researchers collaborate with board certified physicians to address issues that increase quality of life and enhance performance. AREF passionately works on injury prevention, return to performance protocols, effective repair, and rehabilitation for both amateur and professional athletes. AREF also facilitates the Eagle Fund, an important program providing world-class care to America’s injured warriors. Visit us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

About Smart Horizons

Smart Horizons is an online training, education, and public safety software solutions provider based in Pensacola, Florida. Smart Horizons is changing the way organizations train their employees by enhancing and expanding the ways individual learners achieve their educational and career goals and simplifying procedures for public safety personnel to efficiently dispatch emergency calls. Smart Horizons innovative programs are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information, visit their web site at

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