May 27, 2015

McDonald’s Offers High School Program via NexPort Campus

McDonald’s USA recently announced enhanced benefits for employees at its company-owned restaurants, including expanding its Archways to Opportunities education offerings to provide eligible U.S. restaurant employees — at both company-owned and franchised restaurants — with free high school completion through Career Online High School, an AdvancED/SACS accredited program delivered through NexPort Solutions Suite. McDonald’s USA is increasing efforts to help about 750,000 employees who work in a McDonald’s restaurant — company- and independently-owned — achieve a higher level of education by expanding its Archways to Education offerings to include free high school completion. Eligible restaurant employees can take classes and earn credits toward a high school diploma. Career Online High School's use of NexPort Campus’ revolutionary online delivery platform allows them to complete their coursework when and where it’s convenient for them. NexPort Campus is a hosted learning and knowledge management platform that offers user-customized, on-demand training and education services with virtually no investment in infrastructure. NexPort Solutions also includes registrar services, payment processing, content hosting, customer service and a number of other services needed for McDonald’s USA employees as COHS students. “We believe that education is the true game changer as it helps our employees succeed, within our company and beyond,” said McDonald’s U.S. President Mike Andres. “Businesses like ours have a vested interest in helping to create an educated and well-trained workforce. We know that learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom. It also happens in the workplace.”For more information about McDonald’s USA’s Archways to Opportunities education offerings and other employee benefits recently introduced, visit