March 20, 2020

NexPort Solutions response to COVID-19

​The full impact of COVID-19 virus is still unknown and it is affecting society in many ways that we have yet to realize or consider. To minimize the effects of the virus and to help ensure full operation and support, Nexport Solutions has been proactive in their approach to the situation. Several months ago we worked at upgrading our remote connection capabilities for our employees and since then we have instructed all our employees to work from home.

This has helped Nexport Solutions to not only maintain 100% support availability, but we have been able to continue moving forward with planned upgrades and features to further improve customer experiences.

This is allowing tens of thousands of students across the country and the world to continue their education and training. Whether they are working on high school courses, workforce Continuing Education Units for real estate, law enforcement, child care, or other areas, Nexport Solutions is standing ready to make sure that availability and access remains at the highest levels.

Nexport Solutions is not only taking care of existing students, but as the COVID-19 virus spreads and more students and professionals find themselves in need of on-line education and training, we are prepared to increase capacities as needed without downtime or delays.We understand that this situation is critical and stressful for students, teachers, faculty, and parents. We will continue to work through this together to meet the needs of everyone involved.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or concerns. Call us at 800.261.6248 or email at