March 11, 2024

Smart Horizons Academic Coach of the Year

"Thank you to my incredible students for taking the time out of your busy schedules to vote. I am so proud to be your coach and will continue rooting for you every step of your journey. This award means the world to me, and I could not have earned it without you.” -- LAURA FIET

What Students and Graduates Had to Say:

"She is literally the best cheerleader a student could hope for! She is a beacon of light in my email box! Words of encouragement and reminders of no judgment have me excited to log back on and do another lesson! She deserves the accolades she gives out and is the inspiration to my final graduation!"

"She always made sure I was prepared for success, even when I did not feel like I was. If I have a question, she has an answer."

"She made me feel her unconditional support at all times."

"Coach, you rock and are deserving of this award. Me getting my diploma this year will be thanks to you."

"She's been more than a coach, but an inspirational person in my life."