June 5, 2014

Walmart uses NexPort Campus, offers employees opportunity to earn high school diploma through Career Online High School

Walmart has partnered with Career Online High School to provide a free online course to Walmart Stores, Inc, employees via the NexPort Campus learning management system. Upon successful completion of the first COHS course within NexPort Campus, employees 18 years of age or older will have the opportunity to request full access to the COHS program. The COHS program allows employees to complete their high school education and an industry skills certification of their choice.Those employed with Walmart for at least 90 days prior to beginning classes have the following opportunities with COHS:

Apply previous credits you may have earned while in school.

Earn a diploma that is accepted at Colleges and Universities.

Get your high school education at your own pace, on your own time, and comfort level.

Get the support you need from a qualified academic advisor who will help you on your journey.

Develop specialized skills and advance in your career with one of eight career certificates:

  1. High School Diploma with Certified Transportation Services
  2. High School Diploma with Childhood and Education
  3. High School Diploma with Food & Customer Service Skills
  4. High School Diploma with General Career Preparation
  5. High School Diploma with Homeland Security
  6. High School Diploma with Office Management
  7. High School Diploma with Certified Protection Officer
  8. High School Diploma with Retail Customer Service Skills

Each program includes a set of lessons and evaluations; grades are a combination of the instructor/mentor’s evaluation of students’ work and computer graded tests.Through the NexPort Learning Platform, Walmart employees can take advantage of the COHS program on their schedule and at their own pace.NexPort Campus is a secure, hosted learning and knowledge management system. NexPort Campus also supports interactive engagement within learning communities through the use of videos, organization-wide calendar, shared documents, organization-wide webpages and threaded discussions. Additional system features include data interoperability with external systems, secure digital libraries with subscriber-only access and an integrated Student Information System (SIS).NexPort Campus also allows clients to provide their learners with customized, on-demand training and education environment. Clients operate within their own branded portals to deliver their unique content and services independently of each other.

Customers may subdivide their portals to establish and manage subordinate secure portals for their customers, subsidiaries or divisions. Each portal provides privacy protection and security. Your custom portal can be setup with Secure Sockets Layer technology (128-bit encryption) and a custom domain.Based out of Oklahoma City, NexPort Solutions Group enables educators and learners to use NexPort Campus to create, organize and hold webmeetings using NexPort Solutions Group’s own NexMeeting. NexMeeting promotes virtual learning, providing users with the ability to share desktops, hold conversations using headset and telephonic audio, survey meeting participants and share videos, PowerPoint slides, photos and documents using the whiteboard.This is an opportunity to complete a high school education online, with Walmart Lifelong Learning paying the full tuition.